Brake caliper refurbishment.
Following prices apply to standard colours – ie red, black, yellow (base colours).

Single pot calipers – £200 per pair

Small 4 pot calipers – £220 per pair

Large 4 pot calipers – £230 per pair

6 and 8 pot calipers – £250 per pair

The price increase is due to the size and the amount of time it takes to strip, paint and reassemble each caliper.


Custom finishes.

Custom colour/specific colours are the same price unless quoted differently due to the amount of time needed to paint/refinish them – ie Lamborghini arancio atlas orange requires 3 stage pearl paint process. We can match any colour code and finish in gloss, satin or matt. This usually adds around £30-£40 to the price per pair.


Exchange basis.

There maybe extra charges incurred if the calipers sent for exchange, are faulty or have broken parts. For instance – dust seals may perish which would have to be replaced. All parts that need replacing will be priced fairly and below RRP.
Please note – if screw threads are threaded and beyond use this turns the brake caliper into scrap metal!!


Composite Ceramic protection Finish.

With our composite ceramic protection finish, the freshly refurbished calipers are protected from hot brake dust and general road grime for 5 years+. The finish is a hard super-hydrophobic shell which repels water forcing it to bead, making it very hard for dirt to stick to. This coating makes it very easy to keep clean when needed. This is now a free service all painted calipers.


Non-Paint, Hydraulic Service.

The calipers are stripped down to their components and each part is deep cleansed to remove any build up. The painted areas are subject to a 10 step deep cleanse to rid dirt, salt, brake dust which leaves them prefect for machine polishing to restore the finish (if possible). Next they are protected with our own composite ceramic finish, before reassembling using new oem parts. Cost starts at £120 for single pot calipers .