Brake caliper refurbs specialise in brake caliper refurbishment and brake caliper servicing. From accurate OEM refurbishments to bespoke colours and finishes, brake caliper refurbs offer a quick turnaround time and an exchange service on certain calipers held in stock.  On all refurbs, the calipers are split down its individual components and extensively checked for flaws. Whether it is wear/nicks in the piston or pin hole size marks on a seal they will be thrown away and replaced with genuine OEM parts. We are also the only brake caliper refurbishing company to offer a protective coating to keep them looking fresh. Once the calipers are painted/powder coated, cured and gassed off, we add our composite ceramic finish, leaving the caliper with a hard shell which brake dust finds it a lot harder to stick to/eat into. This finish lasts for years, keeping them looking fresh and easy to clean Decals are a great finishing touch and can make calipers unique and stand out. Our graphics designer can design and produce any decal design  in virtually any colour. We also stock OEM make and brand decals such as RS, Lamborghini etc. We also offer a non-refinishing service whereby the caliper is stripped down to its components and each part is deep cleansed to remove any build up. The painted areas are subject to a 10 step deep cleanse to rid dirt, salt, brake dust  which leaves them prefect for machine polishing to restore the finish. Finally they are protected with our own composite ceramic finish.